adroit principles

Most practitioners of Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques are brought in once a dispute has become serious enough to be the subject of commenced or imminent court proceedings. However, it has been discovered that the same outcomes-focused approach that leads to settlement in a mediation can be deployed at the incipient stages of a business case, a project or a contract. One of our practitioners will walk you through your proposed business case to stress test it for risks, and will help you to minimise the chance of your business benefits not being delivered. At the contract formation stage we focus on ensuring that the contract deliverable maps to the business benefits identified by your board, something many lawyers regard as schedule-filling to be delegated to the parties, even though the devil is in that detail. At implementation stage one of our specialists can perform the role of independent chairman of your Steering Committee, ensuring that no behind-the-scenes friendly arrangements are made that could compromise the timing of delivery of your business benefits. Our focus is always on salvaging and delivering as much as possible of the original business case when the day to day participants in your implementation team have long since forgotten what they were. More usually, we intercept at their incipient stage any developments that could move your project off course in time or budget terms and nip them in the bud, thus saving you time money and minimising the risk that your business case will be delivered late or not at all. These are the basics of the ADRoIT Principles.

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